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Adventures in the Underworld–Lilith’s Legacy

From Aubrey: The legends surrounding Lilith originally ignited my imagination while I was researching angel lore for my Rebel Angel series (written as Cyndi Friberg). The stories about Lilith are many and varied, but most agree that she was Adam’s first wife. This book is one twisted idea of how that could have happened. Though my story references biblical events and my characters briefly interact with biblical characters, this tale is NOT religious. This is an erotic dark fantasy surrounding a female’s struggle to establish her place in a world dominated by powerful males.


Devastated by her mate’s betrayal, Lilith flees the Realm of Darkness and begins her adventures in the Light. She doesn’t get far before she encounters Jetrel, the mysterious Shadow Clan spy she has yearned for all her life.


Not sure demon erotica is for you? How about if I give you the first story free?

Download your copy of Lilith’s Awakening and see what you think. If you’re intrigued and want to read the rest, Lilith’s Legacy is less than $3!




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Lilith’s Legacy

Part One – Wooing: Devastated by her mate’s betrayal, Lilith flees the Realm of Darkness and begins her adventures in the Light. She doesn’t get far before she encounters Jetrel, the mysterious Shadow Clan spy she has yearned for all her life.

Part Two – Seduction: Never before has a female won the right to rule a demonic clan. Lilith swears she’ll be the first. The passionate bond she’s forged with Jetrel has made her bold and ambitious, but will it protect her from the temptation of ultimate power?

Part Three – Claiming: Lilith’s daughter, Verrine, eagerly explores her sensual nature with the seductive prince of Shadow Clan, unaware that she is promised to another. When the Prime Leader learns that his brother has been intimate with his betrothed, the resulting clash threatens to unravel the Realm of Darkness. Or Verrine could be the key to lasting unity.


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Jul 05

Exciting New Look – Amazing New Price!

In an effort to guide readers to stories I think they’ll enjoy, I’ve repackaged several of my older titles. Reckoning has been given a new cover and is now grouped with my other “space pirate” stories. Best of all, the book is free! I hope you’ll check it out.


Vihlok is a dashing, though somewhat unscrupulous, Sabrotine privateer. He offers a variety of less than legal services for outlandish fees. When an anonymous client asks him to kidnap a young woman during her wedding and sully her reputation so badly the groom will no longer want her, he’s intrigued.

A past indiscretion leaves Rana Jabulayni little choice but to accept an unwanted marriage. Yet one night alone with her fiancé convinces Rana anything is better than being bartered as part of a trade agreement. Seeing no other option, Rana arranges her own kidnapping.

Vihlok has dreamed of repaying the corrupt House of Jabulayni for their utter indifference to his people ever since the war ended. A quirk of fate has left his enemy at his mercy and the day of reckoning is long overdue. Hoping to shock and scandalize the sheltered princess, Vihlok agrees to kidnap/rescue her. But Princess Rana is not nearly as sheltered as Vihlok presumes and erotic heat soon turns to something deeper.


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Jun 24

Top Pick!

Emma at Night Owl Reviews gave Onset of Danger a Top Pick!

Here’s what she had to say about the book: “I simply adored the first in the series, Onset of Darkness. I couldn’t wait for the next. Onset of Danger is everything I hoped and more.”




May 12


Just a quick note to wish all mothers a wonderful day!

May 10

Alpha Colony Available Today!

All four books are now available at Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords. I’m not sure why it’s taking so long at B & N, but Nook users can download a copy at ARe or Smashwords. Also, if you’ve never read the series and want a “test drive”, Book One is FREE. Just thought you’d like to know. Enjoy!

Alpha Colony 1

Alpha Colony 2

Alpha Colony 3

Alpha Colony 4

Apr 26

Alpha Colony Returning in May!

The Alpha Colony series has always been a fan favorite and I’m hoping the re-launch will introduce these steamy stories to some new readers. This series is set in the near future and features shapeshifters, primarily feline but I throw in a wolf or two. I plan to release the books May 13th-16th one right after the other. Click over to the series page and take a look at the new covers.

Returning May 13th:

Alpha Colony, Book One

Major Sasha Young has been stationed at Alpha Colony for the past three years, part of an elite military team assigned to maintain order and resolve conflicts between the shapeshifters. She has watched the hostile morphs, secretly fascinated by their predatory grace and animal magnetism. The colonies were established to protect defenseless humans from these genetic anomalies. So why does she feel like the morphs are the ones being victimized?

Grayson Evans, a rare white-tiger shifter, is frustrated and appalled by how little their human keepers understand the average “morph.” After an especially violent altercation between leopard and tiger shifters, he decides it’s time to educate them. He’s had his eye on Sasha ever since she arrived at Alpha Colony and introducing the feisty beauty to the full potential of a felidae-morph is going to be his pleasure — and hers!

EXCERPT Coming Soon

Apr 06

Collections Available at Smashwords

My newest self-published anthology just released at Smashwords.

Three scorching hot stories for under $3!

It’s also available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AREbooks.



Station X, my first anthology, is also available at Smashwords for $2.99!

I hope you’ll check them out.

Station X can also be found at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AREbooks

Apr 03

Price of Passion Available Now!

My newest self-published anthology is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AREbooks.

I hope you’ll check it out.

My first anthology, Station X is also available for the same low price of $2.99! If you enjoy unique vampire erotica. Give this one a try. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AREbooks

Apr 01

All EC books are 50% off at ARE!

Ellora’s cave is offering a 50% discount on all of their titles at AREbooks.

They don’t do this very often, so take advantage of the savings!

Mar 31

Release date for Price of Passion

Good news! I pushed back the release date because of a formatting glitch, but I was able to resolve it faster than I feared. So, the book “officially” releases Thursday, April 4th. However, it’s already showing up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AREbooks. Just thought you might like to know.  :-)

Price of Passion will be available Thursday, April 4th! Three erotic adventures for less than 3 bucks!

This is the first of many self-published books that I’ll be releasing in the next few months, so stay tuned and enjoy!

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