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Taste the Night

Book One

When a string of apparent suicides leads Jessie Curtis to a famous rock band, she’s convinced nothing can shock her anymore. Then she comes face-to-face with Rafe Steele, the enigmatic lead singer and centuries-old vampire. He’s darkly charismatic and sensually compelling in a way almost impossible to resist.

Rafe is infuriated when an old enemy’s barbaric actions lead a nosy investigator to his door. Jessie is persistent and shrewd, and he wants her with obsessive intensity. She already knows too much. He can’t let her walk away. He must seduce her, control her, claim her as they unravel the mystery.

Reader Advisory: In order to stop the killers, the incredibly decadent Faelon from Crimson Triad is called upon to provided the needed third when Jessie and Rafe create a powerful blood bond through a sexual ménage.




“Take a seat and grab hold for one wild ride… Can’t wait to see what happens next.”
Samantha Ann, Night Owl Reviews

•  “For a highly erotic vampire adventure and romance, I recommend this book to the readers.” Anita, THE ROMANCE STUDIO.  5 Stars!


Book Two

A Taste of Midnight is best enjoyed when read in series order.

Brenna Skyler, Mistress Air, chooses ambition over love. To become an Elemental, the most exalted position among the Unseleighe Sidhe, Brenna has to end her scandalous affair with Phillip Noir, a vampire. Although she never stops loving him, she is resolute in her decision, until now. A vampire is preying on Dark Elf females. It takes a vampire to track a vampire, so the High Council turns to Brenna.

Phillip is thrilled when Brenna comes crawling back to him. He’s not used to playing the jilted lover, yet he’s never forgotten the only woman who ever really touched his heart. He doesn’t mind destroying a rogue vampire—it’s the right thing to do—but Brenna needs a lesson in humility. She’ll pay for her callous rejection with her supple body. And they will both enjoy her punishment!

Reader Advisory: Again Faelon from Crimson Triad is happy to participate when a power ménage is needed to trap the rogue.



• “If you want to read a book that will pull you in, hold you hostage and leave you breathless with the erotic love scenes, then A Taste of Midnight should be on your must read list.”
RomanceReader, Seriously Reviewed


Book Three

A Taste of Oblivion is best enjoyed when read in series order.

Determined to earn the respect of her sister, Kylie Miller sets off on her first inter-dimensional assignment. As a recon Mimic, it’s her mission to discover the fate of a mysterious woman believed to be her people’s best hope for defeating their enemy.

Kylie’s investigation leads her to the Crimson Carousel and a badass cop named Dalton. She doesn’t understand the intoxicating attraction drawing her toward the handsome human and dark forces are at work to ensure her first assignment is her last. Only by uniting with a healer from Kylie’s home dimension can she and Dalton prepare for the battle ahead, or hope to survive an uncertain future.

Reader Advisory: Some m/m touching occurs within the ménage as Dalton learns to enjoy other aspects of his sexuality.


•  “a wicked, sensual read that I totally enjoyed from the first page to the last.” Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews.  5 Angels!


Book Four

A Taste of Dawn is best enjoyed when read in series order.

Mercedes Sevarus, the illegitimate daughter of an autocratic vampire and an alien, has been an outcast her entire life. Her only attempt at evading the rules designed to “protect” her ended disastrously. Now she lives her life as a veritable prisoner, music her only retreat. Desperate enough to barter her creativity for a few hours of tenderness, she reaches out to Eric King.

When Eric, the acclaimed songwriter for the rock band Pyrite, gets writer’s block, someone emails him the first verse of a song. The message is simple. “If you want the rest, you must spend one night in my bed.” The song is brilliant, achingly poetic, and so similar in style to Eric’s own work he knows no one will suspect he didn’t write it. But is he really willing to sleep with a stranger for the song?



“Draws you in and doesn’t let you go… sexy and irresistible.”
ArtWay, Night Owl Reviews

• “A perfect ending to a fantastic series…” Emily, Sensualreads.com




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