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Crimson Pleasures

Book One

One breath-stealing kiss kept Chad Demarko’s memory smoldering in Eden’s fantasies for the past two years. So when he strolls into her dance studio, she’s more than intrigued. He casually asks for her assistance preparing his sister for a formal gala, but his eyes promise carnal abandon and unimagined pleasure.

Chad’s interest in Eden is anything but casual. Not only is he a skilled Dom, he is a vampire. The timing wasn’t right when they met before, but no force on earth will keep him from claiming her now.





• “This is one of the best vampire stories that I have read in a long time and highly recommend it for both the quality of the writing and the very arousing sex.” Laura Scott, Reviewer for JERR : 5 Stars!

•”CRIMSON THRALL is a sizzling book that practically ignites to the touch…” Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Times Romance

•”Chad and Eden’s chemistry is dynamic. Chad’s yearning for Eden is felt not just read as the words flow on the page.” Dawnie, Reviewer for Fallen Angel Reviews: 5 Angels!

Book Two

Six centuries have passed since a treacherous enemy wrested Antonio’s love from his bed. He was outmatched and overpowered before, but nothing will keep him from claiming Serafina now—not even Serafina herself. Wild with hunger and a soul-deep longing, he declares a Bride Hunt, an ancient ritual most vampires abandoned centuries before.

Serafina endured a loveless marriage for the sake of her sisters. Now her husband’s death has freed her to think of her own happiness. Before she can decide how to flex her independence, she’s being hunted by a domineering, if utterly desirable, vampire bent on binding her soul to his. Antonio awakens sensations and ignites responses she never experienced with her husband, but is physical pleasure reason enough to spend eternity at his side?

Note: Loved the characters, the heat and the thought of an enthralling hero sinking his teeth into your neck in Crimson Thrall? Then get set for more passion, more intensity and a bigger bite!


• “This is wonderfully enticing and erotic… I lost myself in the story of timeless love.” Nicole, Reviewer for Bitten by Books

Book Three

While a standalone, this novel is best enjoyed when Crimson Thrall and Crimson Prey are read first.

Chantel Demarko is about to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Driven by instinct and soul-deep hunger, Chantel will experience glamorous balls, pagan rituals, and the uninhibited decadence of ancient Rome.

Two men await her surrender. Dark, demanding Thorne. And adventurous Jaron. Each appeals to her in their own way, but together they create a balance, an unshakable symmetry she has only imagined in her wildest fantasies.

As she abandons herself to the wonder, she discovers the true potential of pleasure and finds reality itself is far more expansive than she ever dreamed. Boundaries crumble and time itself is redefined. But with new awareness comes new danger. Mysteries must be unraveled and Chantel must make painful choices before she can secure a future with the men she loves.

Reader Advisory: If you’re looking for the gentleman vampire, then this is not the book for you. Blood is their life. It is very much a part of who and what they are.


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