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Sworn Protectors

Book One

Betrayed by a member of his crew, Alexi barely survives his crash landing on Earth. He’s overcome by bloodlust so violent he has no choice but to feed. Sweeping his rescuer beneath him, he latches on to her throat. Her scent, her unique taste and the incredible softness of her body awaken a primal need more dangerous than hunger.

Caitlyn has survived by her wits and daring, deep undercover in enemy territory. When she’s sent to search for survivors among the twisted wreckage, the last thing she expects to find is a pureblood prince. Then his strong arms surround her and his bite unleashes longings more intense than anything she’s ever known.

With mutual enemies closing in, they form an uneasy alliance and plan the rescue of their captured comrades. They know they can’t trust each other, yet each kiss, each fevered caress binds them more closely together.


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• “A fresh and exciting take on vampires…I can’t wait to see where all this is heading. Highly recommended!” Susan P., The Romance Studio 5 Stars!


Book Two

Wounded and in chains, the last thing Bronik expects when he crash lands on Earth is to be interrogated by the most desirable woman he has ever seen. Each lash of her whip and searing sensation only makes him more determined to taste her blood and feel her tremble beneath him as he explores every hollow and curve of her amazing body. He doesn’t have long to wait because his interrogator soon becomes his captive.

When Eloise is rescued from certain death by her handsome enemy, she is infuriated and relieved. He’s determined to learn the location of her brother’s research lab before her brother succeeds in creating a powerful vampire hybrid. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the location of the lab and Bronik seems more interested in stimulating her senses than probing her mind.


Barnes & Noble

• “I simply adored the first in the series, Onset of Darkness. I couldn’t wait for the next. Onset of Danger is everything I hoped and more.”
Emma, Night Owl Reviews




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