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Books by Aubrey Ross


Lilith’s Legacy (Demon Erotic Collection) Coming in August

Alpha Colony (Shapeshifters):

  • Untamed Hunger (1st book FREE)
  • United Passion
  • Unwanted Desire
  • Uninhibited Fire

Pirate’s Price (Space Pirates FREE read)
Price of Passion (Space Pirates Collection)

Station X (Vampire Collection)


Ellora’s Cave (All books listed in series order)

Sworn Protectors (Vampire W/Sci-fi elements)

  • Onset of Darkness
  • Onset of Danger

Undercover Embassy (Futuristic)

  • Codename Autumn
  • Codename Winter
  • Codename Spring
  • Codename Summer

Mystic Keepers (Elemental Magic)

  • Refugee
  • Cayenne
  • Krystle
  • Lorran
  • Rammi
  • Minuette
  • Elita
  • Felise

Sensual Captivity Series ( Sci-fi)

  • Seducer (Available in print)
  • Shifter(Available in print)
  • Sorcerer (Available in print)
  • Specter (Available in print)
  • Seer (Available in print)

Intimate Invasion Series (Futuristic)

  • Forgotten Hope
  • Forsaken Desire
  • Forced Alliance

Crimson Carousel Series (Vampire)

  • A Taste of Twilight
  • A Taste of Midnight
  • A Taste of Oblivion
  • A Taste of Dawn

Crimson Pleasures Series (Vampire)

  • Crimson Thrall
  • Crimson Prey
  • Crimson Awakening

Non-Series Books
Velvet Deception (Suspense) Available in print

Silent Abandon (Modern, Multi-Author Anthology) Available in print

Soul Kisses  (Sci-fi, Multi-Author Anthology) Available in print