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Books by Aubrey Ross

Mystic Keepers (Elemental Magic)

  • Cayenne (FREE Read!)
  • Volume 1 (4-in-1 Collection)
  • Volume 2 (3-in-1 Collection)
  • Volume 3 (3-in-1 Collection)

Comet Coalition (Paranormal Sci-Fi)

  • Renegade (FREE Read!)
  • Toymaker
  • Soul Seer
  • Mystic
  • Madame

Dichotomy Saga (Paranormal)

  • East Coast Dichotomy (FREE Read!)
  • Dark Dichotomy (3-in-1 Collection)
  • Crimson Dichotomy 3-in-1 Collection)

Alpha Colony (Shapeshifters)

  • Untamed Hunger (1st book FREE)
  • United Passion
  • Unwanted Desire
  • Uninhibited Fire

New Pompeii (Futuristic)

  • Captives of New Pompeii (FREE Read!)
  • Pleasures of New Pompeii
  • Secrets of New Pompeii

Pirate’s Price (Space Pirates FREE read)
Price of Passion (Space Pirates Collection)

Station X (Vampire Collection)