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Dream Warriors

Morpheus and his army of Dream Warriors protect the human race by subtly—and not so subtly—infiltrating their dreams. An incubus is on the loose, distorting the fabric of time. The evil must be stopped before reality unravels forever.

Gareth, has successfully completed every mission, creating illusions as tangible as conscious reality. But now he’s falling in love and that’s the one thing Dream Warriors aren’t allowed to do.

Scientist Sheri Vellmos thought her best friend was insane when she told her about the Dream Warriors. Then Ryder infiltrates her dreams and the only thing that’s insane is how much she wants him.

Dora has spent her life teaching women how to defend themselves against aggressive men. Suddenly she awakens in the Underworld, chained to Chaos’ bed. Chaos didn’t ask for the feisty beauty but she is exactly the sort of woman he prefers. Kane, fiercest of all Dream Warriors, is thrilled when he is dispatched to rescue Dora. Chaos cost him the only woman he ever loved and payback is long overdue.


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• “Dream Warriors Omnibus is NOT to be missed – I not only recommend reading it but I will be surprised if you do it only once!”
Kerin, Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews 5 lips – Recommended Read!

• “I found DREAM WARRIORS to be a thoroughly engaging read… Ms. Friberg/Ross has written a divinely erotic read that leaves this reviewer with dreams of a wonderful series to come.”
Lady Novelistic, Reviewer for Romance Junkies 5 ribbons!

• “… what a wonderful job creating a story worth reading more than once. Chaos was a superb story!”
Shayley, Reviewer for Fallen Angel Reviews 5 angels!


Sensual Captivity: Book One

Determined to save his people from a debilitating mutation, Mal Ton abducts a gifted geneticist and brings her to his war-torn world. Andrea wakes up naked and in the arms of a handsome doctor who claims to be Mal Ton’s captive as well. Roark charms and seduces her while Mal Ton overwhelms her senses, awakening needs she didn’t realize she possessed.

Roark’s smoldering intensity is even more intoxicating than Mal Ton’s blatant sexuality. Slipping beneath her emotional defenses, Roark unleashes her passionate nature and makes her long for the soul-deep connection she gave up on long ago. She wants to believe they’ve found a bond more meaningful than lust, but how can she trust her captors? Now her sensuality is pitted against her intellect and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.


• “It’s not often that a book comes along that arouses my mind and my libido but this was that story.” Misa Horne, Reviewer for: The Romance Studio 5 Hearts!

• “Aubrey Ross has a hit with her new series; Sensual Captivity…” Dana P., Reviewer for: Fallen Angel Reviews 5 Angels!

• “Seducer is an intelligent sci-fi adventure that supercharged my libido and has left me patiently awaiting its sequel.” Claudia Orpik, Reviewer for: JERR 5 Stars!

• “Multiple intense personalities light a powder keg of carnal exploration and sensual appetites.” Lisa, Reviewer for: Joyfully Reviewed

Sensual Captivity: Book Two

Mal Ton Adoha, a powerful shapeshifter, has spent his life fighting for the freedom of his people. He is ruthless and unconventional, willing to use any weapon at his disposal, including his sexuality. The last thing he expects when he rescues a group of humans is a spirited beauty who sets his senses on fire. His life is complicated enough without a contrary female, but he is tantalized by her smell, her taste, the sleekness of her skin. His body demands her touch. There is no other option—he will become her Master.

Years in the military have taught Lorelle to be tough and ambitious. She is determined to resist Mal Ton regardless of how badly she burns for his touch. She was dragged to another world against her will. Now she refuses to be a pawn in their irrational war. Lorelle knows she shouldn’t trust Mal Ton, but she’s drawn to him again and again. Only in his arms can she make sense of the conflict. Only together can they hope to survive.


• “…an engrossing page-turner… I’m eager to read the next novel in this marvelous continuity.” Abi, Reviewer for The Romance Studio 5 Stars!

• “Shifter is an awesome read that transports the reader to a planet which will boggle the mind.” Angel, Reviewer for Romance Junkies

• “Shifter is like a heavenly seven course meal where you find yourself enjoying every bite, savoring every new delight, and ending fully satisfied.” Keely S, Reviewer for eCata Romance Reviews: 5 Stars!

• “I need a Mal Ton for my very own. I couldn’t have asked for a better read.” Talia Ricci, Reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed

Sensual Captivity: Book Three

Angry and grieving after the death of her husband, Cassie seeks comfort in the arms of a charismatic stranger. Fane is reluctant to take advantage of Cassie’s vulnerability, but he must locate the access codes her husband died to protect. Unaware of his true motivation, Cassie surrenders completely, exploring her sexuality as never before.

Fane’s mutation becomes unstable, so he returns to the Underground and the outcasts who consider him king. Cassie is the enemy. He cannot let his personal feelings bring danger to his people. Still, he hungers for her touch and dreams of the pleasure they unleashed within each other.

Three years later the unlikely lovers are brought together again. Fane rescues her from a madman, inadvertently revealing his identity and the enormity of his power. Cassie is stronger and wiser, yet no less susceptible to Fane’s enigmatic charm. He might be a “sorcerer”, but she has no intention of succumbing to his calculated seduction, regardless of the desire smoldering inside her heart.


• “There’s no doubt the men are hot, the women each in their own way have a strength and endurance to envy.” and “…an intense, sexy read.” Witchgiggles, Reviewer for Alternitive

• “If you enjoy your sci-fi red hot and with complex storylines, pick up Aubrey Ross’s Sorcerer today!” Victoria, Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews

Sensual Captivity: Book Four

Sean left the black zones years ago when his mutation became unstable. He is now a specter, able to manipulate the shadow dimension. He’s a loyal soldier in the mutants’ battle for equality, but he has never forgotten his home or the charismatic friend he left behind.

Snatched from Earth and dragged to a distant world, Brianna finds herself captive to a brutal overlord. Rather than fear, her captor stirs passion and ignites longings she doesn’t trust or understand.

Kellan rules the black zones with an iron fist. He has brought an uneasy peace to his lands and he’ll allow nothing to jeopardize his people. Though Brianna claims she’s innocent, Kellan suspects she’s a spy. All he knows for certain is he wants her pinned beneath him, moaning as he claims her for his own.

As if Brianna were not temptation enough, Sean reenters Kellan’s life, awakening unwanted hunger and complications they can’t afford. The three must learn to trust each other as danger escalates. Only together will they survive the coming battle.


• “Specter is an intense read in a amazingly complex world that leaves you wanting more. If you like futuristic erotic romance, this series is a must-have for your collection.” Jennifer Leigh, Reviewer for JERR 5 Stars!

• “This is a series you can get so absorbed in you’ll lose all conscious thought of time and reality.” Merrylee, Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews


Sensual Captivity: Book Five (Series Finale)

Desperate to recapture her prophetic visions, Sarah ventures into the heart of the pleasure district in search of the virus that originally triggered her transformation. The pain and isolation will be worth it if she can save lives and avert destruction.

Two very different men are on a collision course with the stubborn beauty. Allen, mild mannered scientist, feels responsible for her desperation and wants to show her that life is more than pain and loneliness. General Rayden Kolter agrees to help her hunt a killer, but he’s completely unprepared for the explosive twists fate has in store for them.

Through sexual magic, Sarah forges a bound between the three that overwhelms their senses and expands their understanding of the world in which they live. Danger surrounds them, passion consumes them, and only by surrendering to the fire can they destroy the enemy.


• “…each book is outstanding and the “sex magic” in Seer is thrilling.” Anya, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

• “I have now read the entire Sensual Captivity series and I have loved all the characters from the beginning. Ms. Ross brought them all to life showing both strengths and weaknesses in a strong series that I plan on re-reading soon.” Jo, from Joyfully Reviewed


Erotic Suspence

Velvet Arceneaux, a celebrated fashion photographer, finds herself trapped by deception and treachery. Her best friend has disappeared and an old flame returns, awakening her darkest desires.

Curious by nature and desperate to find her missing friend, Velvet sets out on a dangerous journey. Each secret she uncovers draws her deeper into a web of lies — and sensual discovery.


• “This story is exceptional… definitely a keeper.” Abi, Reviewer for: The Romance Studio 5 Stars!

• “Ms. Ross writes a gripping tale of danger, romance, and secrets… Pick up a copy of this riveting romance today.” Sinclair Reid, Reviewer for: Romance Reviews Today

• “I cannot pick just one scene that stands out as my favorite because they are all so exquisitely written.” Donna, Reviewer for: Fallen Angel Reviews 5 Angels — Recommended Read!


Multi-Author Anthologies

Silent Abandon

No past, no future, no questions.
Tonight there are no words.

Devastated by betrayal, Starla is unwilling to risk heartbreak again. She hides behind a fictitious persona and arranges a purely sexual rendezvous with a coworker she’s been attracted to for years.

But Cole knows her true identify and the reason for her fear. He’s determined to fulfill her every fantasy then help her mend her broken heart.



• “Too short! I don’t say this often about anthologies, but every story is simply brilliant. “
Terry G, Reviewer for: Bitten By Books 5 Tombstones!


Soul Kisses

On an ancient holiday called Valentine’s Day, in a hostile corner of space, a “scrapper” named Rage encounters a mysterious entity. She offers him pleasure for energy and their erotic journey begins. Fueled by sensual curiosity and bittersweet memories, each encounter is more intense than the last. Will their sexual adventure leave him satisfied or hungry for more of her sweet soul kisses?



• “This (SOUL KISSES) unusual but delightful futuristic romance will leave readers satisfied through the possibilities open to these memorable lovers.” Aggie Tsirikas, Reviewer for: Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Candy, Reviewer for: Ecataromance Reviews 4.5 Stars!