Jan 15

Refugee is FREE for two weeks!

For a limited time only, Book One of my Mystic Keepers series is FREE at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Barnes & Noble.

This series blends elemental magic, interdimensional adventure and smoking hot erotica. If you haven’t read the books before, this is a wonderful opportunity to give the series a try. Refugee is just a glimpse into the Mystic Keeper world, so I hope you’ll check out the other books too. Enjoy!

With powerful forces conspiring to destroy them, Larot and Kayrin flee their home dimension and take refuge on Earth. A political alliance has promised Kayrin to another, but her heart burns only for Larot. They have found the blissful pleasure only enjoyed by soul-bounded mates and they have no intention of giving it up. They will risk uncertainty and danger in their quest to build a future together.