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Oct 05

Top Pick for Spring!

Emma at Night Owl Reviews gave Spring a Top Pick! Here are a couple of the things she said about the book: “Like the previous two, this one brings intrigue, danger and very hot sex together to create a sizzling, exciting sci-fi romance.” And “I can’t wait for the next installment.” Thank you Emma for …

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Sep 05

Undercover Embassy Concludes with Summer

Series Finale! Malik Wanatee is an unwilling servant of the Gathosians, aliens who have overtaken and enslaved Earth. When he’s ordered to investigate a series of suspicious incidents, he’s shocked to find a connection to his past. Back on his home world he and Saroji were to marry. That hope was killed when the Gathosians …

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Aug 03

Undercover Embassy Book Three Available Now

After the Gathosian takeover of Earth, Spring is one of the few remaining doctors tending to the survivors. But she has a secret role—spy for the Resistance, disguised as a pleasure ambassador. She’s heard the legends of Evard Keenan, the alien chemist who supposedly discovered a way to break the aliens’ control. When Evard sends …

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Jul 03

Undercover Embassy Book Two Available Now

After the Gathosians invade Earth and enslave its surviving population, Winter is forced to work in an alien-run refinery. When Ulrick Brant rescues her from an even worse fate, she has a new choice—become an “ambassador”, a sex slave to the invaders. Quickly recruited as a spy for the Resistance, Winter has her first task—seduce …

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Jun 20

Codename Autumn on sale at ARE

Codename Autumn, Book One of my Undercover Embassy series is a featured book at All Romance eBooks. All Ellora’s Cave books are on sale for 30% off, so Autumn is only $3.92. I hope you’ll take advantage of the savings and stock up. Book Two, Codename Winter, releases July 4th, so there isn’t too long …

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May 30

Undercover Embassy is open for business

In a future where women have few choices, Autumn fears she’ll never again know the pleasure of a man’s touch. Then General Ra’jen Noirte rescues her from a whipping gone wrong. The sexy alien captivates her, reawaking dormant desires. On the surface he radiates deadly aggression, but Autumn has glimpsed his tormented soul. Though he …

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May 17

Undercover Embassy is coming soon!

I have a release date for Book One of my Undercover Embassy series. I thought the series was going to be called Seasons of Pleasure, but apparently that title was already taken. Anyway, this is the first of four novellas featuring the adventures of female spies. Codename Autumn will be available May 30th. I hope …

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