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Jan 15

Refugee is FREE for two weeks!

For a limited time only, Book One of my Mystic Keepers series is FREE at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Barnes & Noble. This series blends elemental magic, interdimensional adventure and smoking hot erotica. If you haven’t read the books before, this is a wonderful opportunity to give the series a try. Refugee …

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Dec 07

Mystic Keepers are Joyfully Reviewed

Jo at Joyfully Reviewed had this to say about Rammi: “Their attraction was undeniable and so was the connection between them that went way beyond passion.” And “Rammi is filled with passion and suspense that will keep you turning the pages.” Jo also reviewed the other Mystic Keeper books. Check out all of her comments …

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Nov 23

3 Top Picks from Night Owl Romance!

Heather at Night Owl Reviews gave Krystle a Top Pick! Here are a couple of the things she said about the book: “…another amazing paranormal romance that I just absolutely fell in love with…” And “a fantastic book that has great, intelligent, and believable characters.” READ AN EXCERPT She also reviewed Lorran, Elita and Felise. …

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Sep 10

Mystic Keepers 8 – Series Finale!

The Mystic Keepers sagaconcludes at Ellora’s Cave! Felise of Zylott is furious when she learns her brother King Sef has contracted her to join with Jarek, a powerful Mystic Keeper. With the evil Setti closing in, an alliance between Zylott and the Mystic Keepers has never been more important. Still, Felise refuses to be used. …

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Aug 26

Mystic Keepers 7 Available Now!

The Mystic Keepers sagacontinues at Ellora’s Cave! Accused of rape and murder, Tye, a wily Zylott spy, knows his life is forfeit. His only hope is Light Keeper Elita, and she is devastated to learn he’s a spy. Much to Tye’s surprise, Elita provides him with an alibi, shredding her reputation in the process. Tye …

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Aug 12

Mystic Keepers 6 Available Now

The Mystic Keepers sagacontinues at Ellora’s Cave! After a Veil Keeper murders his wife and unborn son, Lord Nyx of Zylott feels nothing but anger and emptiness. When Veil Keeper Minuette literally falls out of the sky and into his life, Nyx vows to seduce her and replace what the Order of the Veil took …

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Jul 30

Mystic Keepers 5 Available Now

The Mystic Keepers sagacontinues at Ellora’s Cave! When Tavon, a passionate Life Keeper, is accused of a senseless murder, Rammi, the Mystic dimension’s most ruthless Death Keeper, is sent to assassinate him. Tavon is determined to prove his innocence, but the sexy assassin is just as determined to complete her mission. Seeing no alternative, Tavon …

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Jul 15

Mystic Keepers 4 Available Now!

The Mystic Keepers sagacontinues at Ellora’s Cave! Powerful Time Keepers Warrick and Karrick prepare to claim their bonded mate Lorran. Determined to find the sensual ecstasy only possibly with bonded mates, they set out for Earth. Before the brothers can begin their erotic courtship, Lorran is whisked away by a Veil Keeper and stranded in …

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Jul 04

Krystle is now available!

The Mystic Keepers sagacontinues at Ellora’s Cave! Jax, a powerful Shadow Keeper, is sent to Earth to investigate the murder of two wayward lovers. He finds his investigation sabotaged at every turn by Krystle, an alluring Light Keeper. He knows she’s hiding something, but every time he sees her, all he can think about is …

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Jun 17

Mystic Keepers Book Two Available Now!

The Mystic Keepers sagacontinues at Ellora’s Cave! Cayenne Dover has lived a quite life in New Orleans, unaware of her true abilities, but the first brush of Malik’s cool fingers against her feverish skin sets her senses on fire. She doesn’t understand half of what he says, yet her body recognizes the elemental attraction of …

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